About coaching

We all battle with money every day. Whether it's paying for the roof over our heads, credit card statements, worrying about our kids' education, or planning for retirement, keeping up with finances can be exhausting. Sometimes we just need help to make sure we are making the most of our money and making the right decisions. Having a Money Coach provides members with the structure, accountability, and confidence to set goals and achieve what they might not be able to on their own. Our proven model of Money Coaching has been working for members since 1999.

Money Coaching Process

Step 1: Initial goal or concern

Trying to save for a rainy day? Debt-free life sounds appealing? Planning to buy a house? Just trying to get by month-to-month? During the initial call, a Money Coach will listen to members’ goals, concerns, and hopes for using the program.

Step 2: Financial Wellness Assessment

Current financial health and emotion related to money is measured through our proprietary 10-question financial wellness survey. Retaking this survey periodically will help show improvement by working with a Money Coach.

Step 3: Short-Term Action Plan

A Money Coach will develop a short-term (30-90 day) action plan to help make financial goals a reality. With the help of a Coach, members determine and implement a realistic strategy, and a Money Coach provides accountability by following through with calls periodically (every 7-14 days).

Step 4: Long-Term Roadmap

By now the Money Coach is familiar with a member’s financial picture, and together they have accomplished several short-term goals and concerns. The next step is to begin thinking about the future. When is retirement? Are the right types of insurance in place? How are benefit choices looking? What about tax management? Identity theft protection?

Remember, financial security is a lifelong journey — it does not happen overnight. Meeting with a Money Coach regularly is common practice for our most successful members.